Lilongwe Police hunt Village Headman’s killers


Police in Lilongwe have intensified efforts to apprehend a group of individuals suspected of being responsible for the murder of Village Headman (VH) Mnduwa in Mitundu yesterday.

The incident occurred during a violent clash between the camps of Senior Chief Chitseka and Traditional Authority Chingala, who have long been engaged in territorial disputes.

According to Lilongwe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Foster Benjamin, tensions reached a boiling point on Friday, July 14, when Senior Chief Chitseka attempted to promote Group Village Headman (GVH) Kumwambe to the position of Senior GVH.

The planned ceremony was scheduled for today, July 15.

Benjamin explained, “The Chingala camp strongly opposed the promotion, citing the longstanding rivalry between the two parties. They believed it was inappropriate given the circumstances.”

On the day of the ceremony, chaos erupted when VH Mnduwa, along with other chiefs and their supporters, stormed into Kumwambe Village armed with pangas, axes, and sticks while adorned in Gulewamkulu regalia.

Their intent was to disrupt the preparations for the promotion.

A violent confrontation ensued, culminating in the tragic hacking of VH Mnduwa’s head. He was immediately rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Lilongwe Police, according to Benjamin, has swiftly responded to the incident, deploying officers to the area to restore calm and maintain order. 

“Efforts to apprehend those involved in the violence are currently underway, and arrests are expected to be made in the near future,” said Benjamin.

In the wake of this unsettling event, the local authorities are urging community members to refrain from taking matters into their own hands.

Lilongwe Police Deputy PRO Benjamin emphasized, “We strongly advise against resorting to violence or engaging in any form of retaliation. Let the police handle the situation and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

As the investigation continues, Lilongwe Police remain committed to maintaining peace and order in the area while working diligently to identify and apprehend all individuals involved in this heinous crime.