MACRA challenges MPS to embrace technology


Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has challenged Malawi Police Service (MPS) to embrace technology in its work as technological advancement is opening wider doors to cybercrimes.

MACRA Director General, Daud Suleman, made the remarks in Blantyre on Thursday during the opening of a two-day Public Relations workshop that the regulatory body has organized for MPS Public Relations Officers (PROs) in the southern region under the theme ‘Policing in the digital era’.

Suleman said the consumption of digital goods has become the order of the day as technology is creating innovations that are bringing in a new way of doing things including crime.

He disclosed that almost K120 million is lost monthly due to mobile money fraud, a development that threatens to create a big gap in the country’s digital penetration if not stopped.

Inspector General of Police, Merlyne Yolamu, acknowledged that MPS has a huge knowledge gap among most of its officers, including PROs, owing to the changing environment which requires them to constantly update themselves.

She, therefore, urged all participants to take the workshop seriously as the knowledge and skills gained will improve professionalism in the PROs, the service, and the country.

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