President Chakwera challenges LDCs to be determined in pursuing SDGs


Chakwera made the remarks when he opened the 5th United Nations Conference on LDC 5.

The Malawi leader urged poor nations to remain focused on pursuing responsive and responsible human development despite the odds against them within the global financial and economic systems.

He expressed hope that the Doha Programme of Action (2022–2031) would facilitate the realization of sustainable development for respective populations.

“I am also extremely encouraged by the assurance offered by the United Nations, through Secretary-General António Guterres, who in his remarks advocated for reformed global systems to make them inclusive and accommodating to everyone’s interests,” said Chakwera.

As Malawi handed over the mantle of LDC chairmanship, Chakwera stated that his country remains resolute in supporting the implementation of the Doha Programme of Action and expects that every Malawian should benefit from the outcomes of the programme between now and 2031.

Chakwera: I’m optimistic Malawi will benefit from outcomes of Doha Program of Action

“We must all work together, both locally and globally, to create a sustainable future for all people. Malawi remains committed to this goal,” said Chakwera.

The LDC 5 conference is being held virtually and brings together leaders from 46 countries categorized as the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.


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