Thousands lined up in the streets to welcome remains of Soldier 

At exactly 2:30pm, an Air Malawi white plane which carried the remains of veteran musician, Lucius Banda touched down at Chileka Airport where thousands of people led by Malawi’s Vice President, Dr. Michael Usi came to welcome the body.

Banda died in South Africa after battling with kidney failure.

Thousands of people stood for hours in front of a cargo building waiting for the remains of Soldier to arrive.

Catholic women, putting on purple skirts and white browses were changing funeral hymns from A to B.

The Hearse carrying the remains of Banda pic Akangel Tembo (Mana)

“Tsiku lina lilinkudza tidzipita lero Mulungu ayitana. Pansi pano padzathyoka tidzipita lero, Mulungu ayitana.”

As Choir members were singing, many people, especially women could be seen shedding tears upon seeing children of the late arriving at the venue.

The children who were in black attire were looking devastated and in disbelief as they walked slowly to the chairs which were prepared for them and some high profile people.

The mood completely changed when a black hearse bearing Soldier Rest in Peace number plate arrived the place with a white casket inside.

In disbelief, the last born son to the late fall down before being surrounded by relatives, who called for an ambulance for him to be rushed to the hospital.

Prayers were made and only one speaker spoke on how people will move from the airport to Balaka, the home of soldier.

At exactly,3:40pm, a convoy led by a Malawi Police car left the airport to College of Medicine mortuary.

Convoy along Magalasi road

Thousands of people lined up in the streets with some waving at the casket, while others were taking pictures using their phones.

At Kameza roundabout, the M1 road was closed to allow the convoy which was moving on a snail pace pass through.

Caller boys, who operate at Kameza chanted one of Lucius Banda’s song like, “Ana anga tsalana Amayi anga tsalani Bambo anga tsalani.Tipite kumanda mukandisiye komweko inuyo mukabwelele.Samalire anawa,musamalire makolo Ambuye adzadalitsa.Muzindipemphereraso zikupemphererani mpaka tidzakumana.”

Residents waving at the passing Convoy pic by Arkangel Tembo (Mana)

Some people, especially women could be seen shaking their heads in disbelief that soldier is no more.

The Convoy which was moving slowly pointed the Magalasi road all the way to Kamuzu highway until it reached College of Medicine mortuary.

They only spent a few minutes at COM before Soldier left Blantyre for good on his way to his home district of Balaka where he will be laid to rest six feet under the ground on Thursday in Sosola Village.

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