Zikhale Ng’oma challenges traffic officers against drivers’ licence confiscation


Ng’oma made the comments at an address to heads of Police, Immigration, Prison, and Refugees Departments at National Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.

He decried the practice as illegal and one which was often employed to gain “speedy money”.

“I am aware that some traffic officers carry fake receipt books. This must stop. Let us practice integrity. When conducting your duties as traffic officers, stop confiscating driving licenses from motorists. That is against the law. No traffic police officer has authority to confiscate a driving license from a motorist when being stopped for a traffic violation under the laws,” he said.

Instead, he suggested officers have the authority to issue penalty tickets on-the-spot.

Zikhale during the visit

The Minister has promised that his Ministry will look into providing better remuneration packages and refresher courses for the security organs present in order to motivate them.

In her words, Malawi Police Services Inspector General Merlyn Yolamu thanked Ng’oma for addressing the security organs as to what government should expect from them.

“This was a great opportunity for all the security organs to express themselves and their needs but also hear what government expects of us. We thank the minister for his patience in listening to our presentations,” she said.

The heads of security organs in attendance included Inspector General of Police Merlyn Yolamu, Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services director general Charles Kalumo and Prisons Chief Commissioner Wandika Phiri.

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