Catholic Brother dies in road accident in Dowa


Gladson M’bumpha, Dowa Police Spokesperson has identified the Brother as Jean Frorence Toro from Burkina Faso.

According to M’bumpha, Toro was cycling along the Salima-Lilongwe road on Monday afternoon, when he attempted to hold onto a rope that was hanging from a trailer of a passing vehicle so as to be pulled up a slope.

However, his attempt caused him to lose balance and fall on the tarmac which resulted in injuries and severe bleeding on his hips and both legs.

M’bumpha: Brother Toro died at Kamuzu Central Hospital 

“The driver started overtaking him and in the process, the pedal cyclist decided to hold the loose ropes from the trailer in order to be pulled by the vehicle and ascend easily. He then in the process lost balance and fell down on the tarmac. Following the impact, the cyclist sustained injuries on the hips, severe bleeding, and bruises on both legs,” M’bumpha said.

M’bumpha added that Toro was taken to Chezi Rehabilitation, where he was referred to African Bible College (ABC) Clinic before eventually being admitted at Kamuzu Central Hospital where he sadly passed away while undergoing treatment.

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