Wazisomo Muliya, Shammal Vocals take a jab at gospel artists’ worldly lifestyle

Renowned gospel song composer, writer and singer Stevie Wazisomo Muliya says the country’s gospel music is not progressing because most musicians’ lifestyle and character are worldly.

Mr. Grace, as he is known in the music circles, was reacting to a question by Mikozi Network, an online platform, which involved two other renown gospel artists Shammal Vocals and Debbie N.

According to Muliya, for gospel musicians to thrive in the industry, there is a need for a proper investment.

“Gospel music is failing to thrive because we, as Gospel singers, are failing to thrive. Gospel music is a service on its own and we need to be serious about preaching the Word of God through music, and not combining with other things. In addition, we are always looking for shortcuts, we don’t want to invest,” said Muliya.

Taking his turn, Shammal Vocals said many gospel musicians in the country lack flexibility in their style.

Muliya: Gospel music needs proper investment

“Gospel musicians in Malawi don’t want to move with the people, we don’t want to do the music that is reigning at the moment which is why people moved on from the old kind of gospel music but the artists didn’t,” said Shammal.

Concurring with Shammal Vocals, Debbie N said many gospel musicians are clinging to old singing style, at the time when the audience has changed.

While acknowledging Muliya’s comment, some social media users suggested that gospel musicians need to recognize their role of saving the lost sheep.

One social media user Sam Chidothi commented that gospel musicians need to concentrate on preaching the Word of God through music by among others learning basics of music.

“Minister Stevie Wazisomo Muliya is very right. Gospel is ministry and those who minister in music must live their faith more than they can sing for God. It’s for those whom God has called out, not just anyone. On the other hand, gospel musicians must learn the basics of music in order to bring out quality songs even God himself loves good music (Pa 33:3),” commented Chidothi.

In his comment, Hip Hop artist Born Chriss faulted some gospel musicians for doing contrary to the messages they preach in their songs.

“The problem is that the Gospel artists instead of setting a good example to the people, they are the first to do things that are not in line with the gospel, such as drinking alcohol, committing adultery, and fornication, that is why they are losing fans and momentum. For you to restore the glory of gospel music, you need to stop sinning. Allow your mouth to spread the word of God, and not for smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol and stop promiscuity,” said Born Chriss.

Muliya who recently released a song called Halleluya is expecting to releasing another gospel song which he has featured Success called Confidence Yanga.

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